KIC Inno Energy Benelux - Call for Innovation Proposals seeks businesses with a sustainable energy innovation


KIC InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe, has launched the Call for Innovation Proposals 2016 in their bid to propel new innovations from the sustainable energy field to market.

The Call is seeking European businesses – start-ups, SMEs or larger, that have an innovation in sustainable energy but that need support commercialising their new service or product. The aim of the initiative is to accelerate the route of new sustainable energy concepts to market by providing support to innovators in developing their business concepts, strengthening their business models, building expert teams, and providing access to finance.  

The Call is looking for applications relating to innovations in KIC InnoEnergy’s eight “Thematic Fields”:

  • Clean coal and gas technologies
  • Energy storage
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy from chemical fuels
  • Renewable energies
  • Smart and efficient buildings and cities
  • Smart electric grid
  • Sustainable nuclear and renewable convergence

 Proposals are being accepted until 4th April 2016. Applicants will then be asked to present their proposals to two KIC InnoEnergy Assessment Committees. Successful applicants will be announced on 31st May and they will then begin their journey with KIC InnoEnergy to bring their innovation to market.

 Diego Pavia, Chief Executive Officer of KIC InnoEnergy, said:

 “We face a global challenge to reduce emissions and halt climate change at the same time as maintaining supplies of affordable energy for our homes and businesses. KIC InnoEnergy’s Call for Innovation Proposals provides a gateway for finding new sustainable innovations and solutions to revolutionise the way all of us use and consume energy.

 “Through our Call last year we helped to bring some truly sector-changing innovations to market - this year’s Call is set to be even more exciting. Our aim is to further expand our outreach and connect with the creativity of Europe’s innovators, who work on revolutionary projects every day. We want to help them bring their concepts to market quickly and effectively, shortening their journey from lab to launch, so that they can start making an impact on our relationship with energy as soon as possible. The Call’s aim is to expand the network of Europe’s sustainable energy innovations and maintain KIC InnoEnergy at the forefront of today’s sustainable energy sector.”

 Klaas Schuring, CEO of KIC InnoEnergy, Benelux, said:

“A key feature of the Call is that it brings together innovators from across Europe to create consortia to take sustainable energy concepts to market. This cooperation and cross-fertilisation of ideas is what we’re all about as an organisation and is vital to growing these innovative businesses. However we recognise that companies with innovative solutions may not have all the skill sets or other criteria required to succeed in the Call process. To help with this, KIC InnoEnergy’s Benelux office has organised a series of matchmaking events as part of this year’s Call to help like-minded European companies with complementary experience or skill sets form the type of consortia we’re looking for. For us it’s all about Europe working together to spearhead the growth of the sustainable energy sector.”

 For more information and to register your interest with KIC InnoEnergy’s Call for Innovation Proposals, please visit: