University of Gent – Power Link: Conference “Empowering Energy Counts – Empowering consumers to save energy by informative billing”, 16th March 2016, Brussels


This international conference on consumer information intends to present and discuss the implementation of feedback services to end-users, based on the results of the EMPOWERING project. Feedback services based on smart metering data have been provided to 344.000 customers in Europe. The participating utilities will present the underlying concepts, technological solutions and real-life experiences of their services to energy end-users.


What are the facilitating and limiting factors for a widespread adoption of energy consumption information services as a mainstream practice? What were the experiences of utilities in implementing these services? What are the results in terms of energy savings? And what are the recent European policy developments for metering and billing services and changes in the European electricity market design?


The conference targets energy utilities and associations, consumer groups and other stakeholders, metering service providers, policy makers, regulators and the scientific community.

When: 16th March 2016 from 09.15 to 15.30

Where: Spanish Nation Research Council (CSIC), Rue du Trone, 62, 1050 Brussels (7th floor, Room III)

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