LIST - LISTalks Energy Transition: Smart Local Energy Systems: the Key for unlocking Grid Flexibility, 20.6.2022, 15.00-16.00 (online)


The webinar will address the growing importance of local energy systems in order to support the transition to a fully decarbonised society. On one hand, striving for decarbonisation will require a more flexible use of distributed energy resources, particularly renewable-based generation, taking full advantage of their presence in distribution grids. On the other hand, citizen engagement is required as consumers, now turned into prosumers, will have an increasingly active participation in energy supply and demand. In this context, concepts around smart local systems such as microgrids or renewable energy communities can be an effective means to unlock this flexibility by enabling the management and coordination of generation, storage and demand assets and facilitating the integration of the several stakeholders involved.

Two views on this topic will be presented to discuss the pivotal role to be played by local energy systems to support the energy transition.

The "LISTalks" conference series brings together stakeholders, researchers, industry and authorities to answer state of the art research and innovation questions on our environment, climate change, and sustainability in strategies and design

Language: English

Participation is free, but registration mandatory.